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As part of my volunteer work for a local, sustainability non-profit and Valley Clean Energy, I've scoured Yolo County for examples of rooftop solar systems and ground solar arrays. I was even permitted to visit the solar array adjacent to the Davis wastewater plant to try to capture the sunrise over the system. It was an interesting experiment, but no sunrise photos included here from that adventure. However, the image below shows the large wastewater plant solar array adjacent to open space and farmland at the edge of Davis. The electricity generated from the array is used to run the wastewater plant. As part of another assignment, a local solar contractor allowed me to photograph his crew installing rooftop solar panels. For another project for VCE, I was asked to capture images of solar PV systems in agricultural settings.  Also, a VCE assignment to photograph construction of the Putah Creek Solar Farm. See the solar system, right here in Yolo County!

YH Rooftop PV 2.jpg
YH PV Array at Davis wastewater plant .j
YH Rooftop PV 1.jpg
DSC_8880_edited-high color.jpg
Solar PV Install 2.jpeg
Solar PV install 1.jpeg
rooftop solar 3.jpg
Solar array 2.jpeg
Solar array 3.jpeg
Solar Array 1 .jpeg
YH Solar PV and Ag 25.jpg
YH Solar PV and Ag 23.jpg
DSC 5825 cropped.jpg
YH Solar PV and Ag 17.jpg
YH Solar PV and Ag 3.jpg
DSC_0067 cropped minimal.jpg
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